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Codice Fiscale


Codice Fiscale


An Italian citizen requesting a codice fiscale (taxpayer identification number) must complete the editable application form, then print and sign it, and email it in PDF format to together with a valid Italian ID.


If the applicant is not an Italian citizen, and resides in this Consular district, in addition to completing the editable application form, he must print and sign it, and then email it in PDF format to together with the following PDF files:

1. a legible birth certificate;

2. a valid ID;

3. a document proving that the applicant resides in this this Consular district (a US driver’s license satisfies both n. 2 and 3).


Codice fiscale is issued on the basis of the name of the applicant at birth. It does not take into account the married name.


Please send all documents in PDF format and in the same email.


The codice fiscale certificate will be e-mailed back as soon as it is ready.


There is no charge to issue the codice fiscale.