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Religious Activity


All documents must be presented in original and photocopy.

Applicants should provide:

1. Visa Appliction form duly filled in and signed at the Consulate. For short stay visa up to 90 days please download and fill in Schengen Visa application form. For long stay visa beyond 90 days please download and fill in Long term application form. You must appear in person;

2. Recent passport-style photo (3,5 cm x 4,5 cm or 1”3/8 x 1”3/4, full front and white background);

3. Passport or travel document valid three months over the applicant’s planned stay in Italy. The passport will be kept and returned with the visa, if approved.
Visa fee paid for with the exact amount either in cash, credit, debit card or with a money order payable to the Consulate General of Italy.
For non US citizens, proof of residence such as: Alien Registration Card or a valid US INS visa (any visa except B1-B2) and US government document i.e. visa renewal letter, Advanced parole, IAP66, I20 and copies, etc;

4. Return-trip booking or ticket or proof of available means of personal transport;

5. Adequate documentation regarding the applicant’s effective ‘religious’ qualification. Applicants should provide: an original letter from your Congregation/Parish in the US stating your position within the parish and your assignment in Italy;

6. Adequate and documented assurances regarding the religious nature of the event in which the applicant intends to take part or regarding the activity to be carried out in Italy. The letter from Congregation in Italy should specify the purpose of the trip, the name and address of the organization where the applicant intends to stay and the length of stay. Such letter should also mention the coverage of all living expenses, including medical assistance (only for long term visas). Specific mention should be made to the fact that, while in Italy, the applicant’s personal needs will be met in full by the Congregation; the letter must bear an official seal from the Holy See’s competent authorities;

7. Proof economic means of support as per Ministry of Interior Directive 1.3.2000 (click here) or declaration of assumption of responsibility by the religious organization (if all living expenses are not covered by the Italian Congregation);

8. Health insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000 for emergency hospital and repatriation expenses for short term visas.

This consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request additional documentation, if deemed necessary, in addition to what is submitted. Furthermore, the applicant is hereby informed that submitting all required documentation does not guarantee the issuance of any particular visa.