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Elective residency


The residency visa allows entrance into Italy to individuals who belong in one of the following categories:
• applicants with high self-sustaining incomes and financial assets who have a real necessity to stably residing in Italy and who can demonstrate a steady and adequate income (not from subordinate work) and other financial resources;

Applicants with high self-sustaining incomes should provide:

1. Long term Visa Application Form duly filled in and signed at the Consulate. The applicant must appear in person. About the payment of the Visa fee please read Visa fees

2. Passport-style photo (3,5 cm x 4,5 cm or 1”3/8 x 1”3/4, full front and white background);

3. Passport or valid travel document valid three months over the planned stay in Italy. The passport will be kept and returned with the visa, if approved.

For non US citizens: Alien Registration Card or a valid US INS visa and letter from US government letters i.e. Advanced Parole, IAP66, I20 and copies (any visa except B1-B2);
Moreover for non-US citizens proof of residence such as driving license or State Income tax;

4. Documented and detailed guarantee of substantial and stable private income originating from pensions, annuities, income from properties and income from stable economic and commercial activities. Income deriving from subordinate work will not be taken into consideration. Please provide official letters from banks, financial consultants, financial institutions, U.S. Social Security institutes, etc. and last 2 years of your Income Tax Return;

5. A registered lease or deed for property in Italy;

6. A letter explaining the reasons of your intention to move to Italy.

Residency visa can be also issued to dependent spouse and minor children and dependent children over 18 living with their parents, assuming that the applicant can demonstrate adequate financial assets to support them.

This visa is issued solely to those applicants who are planning to move permanently to Italy and it does not allow the recipient to work.

This consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request additional documentation, if deemed necessary, in addition to what is submitted. Furthermore, the applicant is hereby informed that submitting all required documentation does NOT guarantee the issuance of any particular visa.