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How to update your A.I.R.E. registration

Italian citizen who are already registered in AIRE at the Consulate General of Italy in New York must keep their information up to date using the Fast It portal.

Citizens are required to inform the Consulate immediately:

  • if they change their address;
  • if there any changes in their personal circumstances such as marriage, births, divorce, death, etc.;
  • if they lose their Italian citizenship.

Change of address within this consular jurisdiction

To update your address through Fast It: fill out and upload the form (Dichiarazione di cambio di indirizzo/Trasferimento in altra circoscrizione consolare/Rimpatrio) and attach a copy of your passport (and those of each individual in the same family unit) as well as proof of their new address.

If you fail to update your information, in particular your new address, the Consulate will not be able to get in touch with you, and you will not receive your ballot papers whenever there is an election.

Please note: you must make sure that you notify the Consulate of your full, correct address including apartment number, if applicable, and zip code.

Moving back to Italy

Italian citizens registered in AIRE who decide to establish or re-establish residency in Italy must notify their Comune of residence in Italy as soon as possible when they move back. The Comune will then notify the Consulate once the procedure is complete, and the Consulate will update its records accordingly.

AIRE Cancellation

Cancellation happens for the following reasons:

  • repatriation (moving back to Italy);
  • death and presumed death (supported by a death-in-absentia legal declaration);
  • inability to locate the individual (irreperibilita’ presunta) for lack of an up to date address as long as two unsuccessful attempts have been made, or if 100 years have passed since their birth;
  • loss of Italian citizenship.