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Cultural diplomacy


phone: (212) 439-8661


Dott.ssa Annavaleria Guazzieri


General information:

The Education Office at the Consulate has been operating for more than 15 years promoting the study of the Italian language and culture in the Tristate area (New York State, Connecticut and part of New Jersey, with the exclusion of the counties of Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean and Salem. Those counties refer to the Consulate of Italy in Philadelphia and its Education Office).

The Education Office coordinates and supervises Italian language and culture courses in schools, both public and private, and supports schools wish want to introduce the teaching of Italian as part of their curricular activities and those which endorse a bilingual curriculum.

The Education Office’s primary responsibilities are:

  • to promote language and culture courses in partnership with local schools, and cultural/educational institutions and associations, parents’ and teachers’ associations and groups;
  • to establish contacts with the Departments of Education of the Tri-State Area , the school districts and the single schools, with a view to implementing Italian language programs;
  • to collaborate with professional associations of teachers of Italian, in order to support their efforts in improving the quality of the Italian programs, through teacher development seminars and symposia;
  • to organize workshops, seminaries and other teachers’ developments opportunities addressed to teachers and administrators in collaboration with local and/or Italian universities;
  • to participate in conferences on the teaching of Italian as a Second/Foreign World Language.

The financial support is offered, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, to public or private schools, when the courses of Italian are part of the school curriculum, or, in some cases, as after-school activities. In the 2022 – 2023 school year, in the tristate area, approximately 70,000 students are involved in about 250 schools supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in collaboration with “Enti Gestori”. The significant increase (+50% in five years) in the enrolment total is an evidence of the growing interest in the Italian language and culture.

The organization which collaborates with the Consulate in coordinating the above activities is the Italian American Committee on Education (I.A.C.E.), a non-profit institution founded some twenty years ago (IACE, 686 Park Avenue LL – New York, NY 10065; tel. 212 7728755 – fax: 212 772 8756).
“In Italiano”, a non profit association whose focus is on bilingualism and teacher development, is also recognized by the Consulate (

Besides the above mentioned activities, the Office oversees the activity of La Scuola d’Italia “Guglielmo Marconi”  in New York, as well as the Italian classes at the United Nations International School (UNIS), both supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


• Prizes and Competitions

The Education Office promotes quality in Education and offers teachers and students several opportunities to take part in international competitions.

  • Coccia Inserra prize for Excellency and Innovation in the teaching of Italian (K-12).
    Every year a 5.000 $ prize is offered to one teacher at K-12 Levels.
    Please visit the “Montclair State University” website.
  • Eduitalia Scholarship



• Organizations which promote the teaching of Italian

AATI – American Association of Teachers of Italian

ILF – Italian Language Foundation

ILICA – Italian Language Inter-Cultural Alliance

NIAF – National Italian American Foundation

OSIA– Order Sons  and Daughters of Italy in America


• Schools

Schools where Italian is taught as a curricular foreign language (Tri-state Area):

New York

New Jersey

(Some counties in New Jersey refer to the consular district of Philadelphia, to find out which ones click here)


For other consular districts click here


Schools not funded by I.A.C.E. (school year 2021/2022):

New York: 21 040

New Jersey: 8 720

Connecticut: 4 760

District’s Total: 34 520

I.A.C.E., in collaboration with MAECI, funds approximately 250 schools and 35 000 students.
Therefore, the total amount of students of Italian is about 70 000.

White paper 2018 – “l’Italiano nel mondo che cambia”


• Public Dual Language schools in the city of New York





• La Scuola d’Italia “Guglielmo Marconi”

Elementary, Middle and High school recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education as “Scuola Paritaria”

link to “La Scuola” website


logolascuoladitalia res








• Italian Language and Culture AP exams: US exam/certification in Italian recognized by the Italian Government and by Italian Universities.

The College Board requirement is to reach 2,500 exams per year. The number of exams taken in this area is constantly increasing. Thanks to the efforts of the Italian diplomatic network, the Italian-American organizations, and the competence and professional dedication of the teachers, the target has not only been reached but surpassed.

What is the AP exam?



The videos are recorded by Prof. Maria Gloria Borsa, AP teacher and *AP teacher trainer.


• Results:

– year 2012 – 1,806 exams
– year 2013 – 1,980 exams
– year 2014 – 2,231 exams
– year 2015 – 2,573 exams
– year 2017 – 2,571 exams
– year 2018 – 2,926 exams
– year 2019 – 2 660 exams
– year 2020 – 2 518 exams
– year 2021 – 2 100 exams
– year 2022 – 2 194 exams

For further information about the AP-Italian Language and Culture Program see also the Italian Embassy in Washington web site.

• Local Observatory

The Local Observatory is a body of volunteers whose objective is to plan and monitor the best strategies to promote the study of the Italian language in the Tristate Area, in accordance with the National Observatory policies.
For further information please click here.


• Education Offices and “Enti Gestori”

The Education Offices are based in the Embassy and in Consulates all over the USA. They work alongside Enti Gestori, non profit organizations which receive funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to organize Italian language and culture programs in schools.
To find out more, click here.


• Teaching Italian


• Italian Language Competence Certification Centers

Click here


•  FAQ

Click here


• Announcements:

– Girotondo BK, the only Italian-immersion program in Brooklyn for toddlers, is back for the 2019-20 school year and we are looking for a few more children to join us!

At Girotondo, children are immersed in the Italian language and culture all day: they sing songs, learn nursery rhymes, numbers, colors, shapes, animals, everything in Italian!

Our head teacher is from Genoa, Italy and is a veteran of Girotondo; she has a degree in early childhood education, is warm and loving, and ready to create a wonderful experience for your child!

This year we are also getting our daycare license and operating out of one home in BedStuy, for the ease of commuting parents and caregivers.

Basic info:

· Ages 2-4 years old

· Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm (with 8:30am drop-off and 3:30 pickup available)

· $1500/month Full-time enrollment

· Part-time options are available as well.

Please contact me for additional information and visit our website:

– Admission Announcement ORIGINI ITALIA Program 2019 Edition
ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and MIB Trieste School of Management (Trieste, Italy) organize Origini Italia Program 2019, an intensive Export Management and Entrepreneurial Development Course, aimed at the descendants of emigrants from Italy who are residents abroad to promote a new and productive collaboration between those descendants and the Italian business system.
The course will last from October 28, 2019 to April 4, 2020.
To apply to the Program, candidates have to fill in and submit the Online Application Form by July 21, 2019.
For more information about ORIGINI ITALIA Click here


• Institutions that collaborate with the Education Office:

Italian American Committee on Education (IACE) courses of Italian

logo iace


With the help of IACE schools have the chance to start or sustain the Italian program!

IACE, under the supervision of the Consulate General of Italy in New York and with the financial support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, provides incentive grants for Italian language instruction. Any public or private schools in the consular jurisdiction of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut may apply for a grant for the teacher’s salary and/or the educational material to be used towards their Italian curricular courses. For further information please contact us at



IN ITALIANO Bilingualism in New York

logo in italiano     poster initaliano formato foto   poster initaliano ps 132



Special Projects

Art project in Italian Language

Pearl River High School


• Citizenship by marriage or civil union – Italian language requirement:

The applicant must be proficient in the Italian language to the level B1 or higher of the EU Language Framework. A certificate of proficiency issued by an approved school must be provided. it is infact to be noted that as of December 4th 2018 (Law. 132 – Dec. 1st 2018) applicants must be accomplished in the Italian language to the level B1 (or higher) of the EU Common Language Framework. A certificate of proficiency issued by an approved educational institution is now required at the time of application. The approved institutions are the following only: Università per stranieri di Siena, Università per stranieri di Perugia, Università Roma Tre, Società Dante Alighieri. Only certifications issued by these institutions will be accepted for the purpose of this application.

Where to take the language exam within the district of New York