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How to register a divorce

If you file for divorce abroad, you must register it in Italy in order for it to be considered valid. Based on reciprocity, a judgment of divorce from a State Court in the United States would generally be recognized in Italy, but, ultimately, the final decision is made by the Italian comune of AIRE registration.

A foreign divorce decree for a marriage that occurred in Italy will be registered in the Italian comune where the marriage was celebrated. A foreign divorce decree for a marriage that occurred abroad will be registered in the Italian comune where the marriage was registered. For the latter, the marriage the divorce decree refers to, MUST have already been registered in Italy. If the foreign marriage was never registered, you must submit a request to register the marriage first (see the MARRIAGE section of this website) before proceeding with the divorce registration.


  • Divorce registration request form
  • original divorce decree (Judgement of Divorce) issued by the Court and legalized by Apostille in the State where the Court has its seat.
  • the divorce decree must be accompanied by a CERTIFICATE OF NO APPEAL (also known as Letter of no Appeal, Certificate of disposition, Clerk Certificate etc. ) issued by the same competent Court  and legalized by Apostille. The Certificate of No Appeal must state that as of a particular date, there is no pending action in the matter of the divorce and that the divorce is considered final and closed.
  • a sworn translation of both documents (Judgement of Divorce and Certificate of no Appeal) done by a professional translator who must also issue a bilingual Certificate of Accuracy. Please check this link for a list of translators (this list is purely for reference and the Consulate is in no way responsible for the quality of their work or the fees they charge).
  • copies of the valid passport of the person submitting the request. Please only include the pages with the photo, personal details and signature.



Once you are in possession of the required documents, duly apostilled and translated into Italian, you may mail them to:

Consolato Generale d’Italia
Ufficio Stato Civile
690 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065


You may also drop off your documents in person during office hours (9am-12.30pm only) using the drop box provided in the lobby.


IMPORTANT: due to the high volume of requests, the Vital Records Office is unable to confirm receipt of the documents. If you need confirmation that your documents were received please use a mailing service that provides a tracking number or return receipt.

If you need confirmation that your documents have been registered, please contact the Italian comune directly.

For death certificates issued in other US States or in another Country, please check the website of the Italian Consular authorities or Embassy in that State/Country to verify the applicable regulations and means of legalization.