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The online appointment reservation system is currently offline. The service will be back online as soon as possible. Please continue to monitor our website for updates.

If your appointment has been cancelled we will contact you personally in the coming weeks with instructions on how to submit your application.

The Citizenship Office will receive citizenship applications exclusively through certified mail without return receipt. Please do not come to the Consulate on the day of your appointment. Incomplete applications will be returned.

The application must be sent and postmarked on the day of the appointment or it will be returned to you (including the money order) and your original appointment will be cancelled with the following reason:

“Date sent does not correspond with your appointment”

You will receive the outcome of the application and receipt of payment by email within 2 weeks of delivery. Requests for confirmation that application was received will only be responded to if 2 weeks have passed since delivery - please attach a screenshot of the tracking information to the request or we will be unable to respond.

The documents inside the envelope, and the envelope itself, must be organized as specified on the instructions on the Check List. Please make the envelope addressed to the Italian Consulate of New York – Ufficio Cittadinanza and include your full (maiden) name and date of appointment on the envelope.

If you cannot send your application on time due to office closures related to COVID-19 please contact the Citizenship office through email, including relevant information about your appointment.


Address: 690 Park Avenue, 10065 New York, NY. Second floor.

  • Applicants must not come to the Consulate on the day of their appointment. Applications must be sent by certified mail (without return receipt), following the instructions on the Check List, on the day of the appointment
  • If an application is not postmarked the day of the appointment date the entire application will be returned, and your original appointment will be cancelled
  • In case extra documentation is requested that is not specified on the Check List the claimant will have six months to send the supplemental material
  • Please see our checklist for instructions on submitting certificates issued outside of the United States and Italy
  • To register the birth of an underage child and/or marriage of a person ALREADY recognized as an Italian citizen please consult Vital Records

Processing times for eligible applicants are currently 24 months. Requests for updates about applications will be responded to only if the 24 months have passed since completed application has been submitted.

The Italian Consulate will send a confirmation by email when we have completed processing your application. After you receive this email you will then be able to request a passport.

General Information


Currently Italian citizenship is regulated by the law of February 5th 1992, n. 91 (and related regulations, particularly DPR October 12th, 1993, n. 572 and DPR April 18th, 1992, n. 362) which, unlike the previous statute, reconsiders the automatic loss of Italian citizenship because of voluntary naturalization in another country and recognizes the right to multiple citizenships.

Italian citizenship recognition / acquisition occurs through the following:

We highly recommend to attentively read each section and subsection of the various categories to ensure eligibility for Italian citizenship recognition and acquisition and for further instructions.

The Authority responsible for verifying the authenticity and eligibility of applications is determined based on place of residence. For residents abroad this authority is the diplomatic-consular Authority responsible for the applicant’s territory.

Residents in New York State, Connecticut, New Jersey (for the following counties: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren) and Bermuda, must present citizenship applications through mail to the Citizenship Office of the Consulate General of Italy in New York.

Starting July 8th, 2014, Italian citizenship applications (Iure Sanguinis (for descent) e Iure Matrimoni (for women married to Italian-citizen men prior to April 27th, 1983) are subject a payment of the US Dollar equivalent of 300 euro in Money Order (article 5-bis from the April 24th 2014, n.66 decree, published on the G.U. n. 143 on June 23rd, 2014). The money order must be payable to “The Italian Consulate of Italy in New York” and the conversion rate of 300 Euros to U.S. Dollars changes once every 3 months and can be found on our website.

We would like to specify that the money order must be paid regardless of the outcome of the application.