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Urgent Medical Flight Repatriations

An urgent medical flight repatriation is provided to Italian citizens that fall medically ill and traumatized. It is taken under consideration only in the following cases:

• life endangered people that cannot be transported otherwise and that cannot be treated locally,
• for surgeries that must be performed in very specific time frames (i.e. transplant)

To request an urgent medical flight repatriation, the Doctor responsible of the facility where the patient is must present a motivated request to the competent Prefettura in Italy, by asking the Consulate General of Italy in New York (tel. 212.439 8606). The Prefettura will then inform Comando Operativo Interforze della Difesa.
The patient may be accompanied only by one person and only if the provided flight allows it. The patient must possess a valid travel document. The Facility requesting the flight repatriation must provide:

A) Medical certificate requesting the flight. It must specify:
• The impossibility for the patient to be transported by commercial flight
• the position of the medical staff that will provide assistance during the flight.
• The need of specific medical appliances (stretcher, respirator)
• The nature of the illness
• Location and final destination of the patient
• Patient information, medical staff general information and doctor information.

B) Statement by the person or his close relative, with the patient waives responsibility of the crew of the aircraft and Government from any direct or indirect compensation.

C) Statement of coordination between the medical facility where the patient is discharged the destination facility for transportation by ambulance to the airport of departure and airport of arrival.

The Consulate General will provide all necessary assistance for the rapid processing of the matter.