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Presentation of magazine "Civiltà delle Macchine"



Presentation of magazine

The Consulate General of Italy in New York hosted an event to present Leonardo Foundation, established in November 2018 on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of Leonardo SpA, and of the publishing project "Civiltà delle macchine", launched by the Foundation in 2019. The Foundation, whose goal is to enhance the archival-museum industrial heritage, promote corporate culture and spread knowledge on the value of technologies at the service of a "common good", in the name of a new industrial humanism, has decided to resume the publication of the magazine "Civiltà delle macchine" under the direction of Peppino Caldarola.

The magazine, since the years of its foundation in 1953 to its closure in 1979, has brought together business and science, industry and culture, art and technology. The vision is still the same, following Leonardo da Vinci’s mark, with an updated look at the new frontiers of progress such as robotics, artificial intelligence and digitization.

The event was opened by Armando Varricchio, Ambassador of Italy to the US. Varricchio stressed that "the impressive pace of technological developments requires maintaining an ever closer connection between technology, research and the humanities", emphasizing how "Leonardo Foundation and the magazine "Civiltà della Macchine" constitute an essential vehicle for this purpose, building bridges between past and future and putting the human dimension at the center of the groundbreaking technological changes we are witnessing."

Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo SpA stated that "through the Leonardo Foundation an ambitious goal has been set: creating a new industrial culture by establishing a dialogue with civil society". "A new industrial humanism is indispensable," he continued, "and the Leonardo Foundation is devoting a space for discussion on these issues by relaunching the historic"Civilta delle Macchine" magazine”.

During the event, Marco Leona, founder of the scientific department of the Metropolitan Museum, also spoke to illustrate the work he is doing at the prestigious Museum at the head of a team of Italian collaborators, while John Batchelor, journalist and anchorman, discussed the theme of digital revolution.

The display of the artistic covers of the magazines published in the ’50 made under the direction of Leonardo Sinisgalli was one of the highlights of the event. Finally, on this occasion, the first English edition of the magazine was presented to the public and the press.


New York