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Birth certificates


Birth certificates

How to file birth certificates – Instructions for Italian citizens residing abroad

Minors whose parents possess the Italian citizenship at the time of their birth are Italian themselves, even if they were born abroad or possess another citizenship. However, their birth certificate needs to be filed with the Vital Records of the town where the Italian parent(s) is/are originally from.

Documentation required for the child:

  1. Birth certificate’s official duplicate in long form (providing all the basic information pertaining to the child and his/her birth, such as child’s full name, hospital’s name and address, parents’ full name and date of birth) with Apostille - issued in the same state where the certificate was issued. Click here for more information on how to obtain the Apostille. For applicants from New Jersey, a Certificate of Live Birth is necessary
  2. Parents’ marriage certificate (see details below)
  3. Documentation required to prove that one or both parents are Italian:
    •  Photocopy of US Resident Alien Card and of Italian Passport
    •  OR photocopy of Italian Passport AND Copy of Naturalization Paper – for dual citizens
  4. Photocopy of foreign parent’s passport (if applicable)
  5. Application form, filled out and signed (link)

If the parents’ wedding was celebrated in the US or in another foreign country, it is necessary that the marriage certificate be filed with the competent Vital Records office (see instructions on How to file a marriage certificate).

If the marriage was celebrated in Italy, the applicants need to submit a photocopy of their marriage certificate issued by the Italian Comune (the administrative agency of the Italian town) where it was registered in the first place OR a self-certificate where they provide the exact information pertaining to their wedding (names of spouses, date and place of the ceremony).

If the parents are not married or got married less than 180 days before their child’s birth, an acknowledgement of paternity form is required alongside the child’s birth certificate. This form is to be collected from to the same office that issues the child’s birth certificate. EVERY document issued by a US or foreign agency must be supplied with an Apostille AND needs to be translated into Italian. The applicants themselves can do the translation or, if not proficient in both languages, they can hire a professional translator.

In case the child’s mother is not married and the father is unknown, the acknowledgement of maternity certificate will be required. This form can be handed in to the Consulate’s Vital Records office upon scheduling an appointment via email.
In this case the documentation required is:

 child’s birth certificate with Apostille and translation into Italian
 mother’s Italian passport AND Visa or Green Card

The application shall be deemed non compliant and therefore rejected if one or more documents are missing, or if they are not accompanied by their apostille and translation into Italian.


How to obtain birth certificates