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Issuance of the Emergency Travel Document (ETD)


Issuance of the Emergency Travel Document (ETD)

Issuance of the Emergency Travel Document (ETD)

In case of an emergency situation, for example if you are an Italian citizen in transit who needs to leave the country within a very short period of time and your passport has been lost or stolen, the Consulate General can issue an ETD (Emergency Travel Document) which is valid only for the return trip to Italy or in the country of your legal residence, provided by your AIRE registration.

To receive the document, you must present yourself at the Consulate General of Italy and provide the following documentation:

· statement of theft or loss of passport filed at the local police authority.

· 2 pictures (4x4cm format, front, white background). In the Consulate’s waiting room there is an automatic photo machine at the cost of $ 5.00 *.

· proof of ID (copy or original of your identity card or driving license) or copy of the stolen/lost passport. Should none of the aforementioned document be available, the Consulate must conduct appropriate investigations of identity before providing an ETD.

· Parents’ Statement of Consent in presence of minor children (link to consent form).

There is a $2.00 fee for the document.

*The Consulate declines any responsibility arising from the use or malfunction of the photo machine installed in the waiting room.