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Portale online


Portale online

As from July 1st 2017, appointments with the Citizenship office can be booked online through the portal “Prenota online”. To book an appointment please click here.

The system will ask you to specify one of the three categories:

  1. Direct descent from father or mother born in Italy and Italian citizens at the moment of the applicant's birth (if the applicant was born after January 1st 1948);
  2. Paternal or maternal ancestors were born in Italy and were Italian citizens at the time of their child's birth and none of their descendants renounced to the Italian citizenship (on your mother’s side, only for those who were born after January 1st 1948);
  3. Women who married an Italian citizen before April 27th , 1983.

You can book an appointment only if you have all the required documents as descripted in the website. We would like to remind you that all the applicants have to pay the application fee of EUR 300.  

Once the appointment is booked, the applicant will receive a notification. 10 days before of the day of the appointment the applicant will receive also a mandatory request to confirm the appointment. Appointments not confirmed will be made available to other applicants.

All the appointments booked until June 30th 2017 through the previous system are confirmed


As a result of the reorganization of internal booking system a limited number of daily appointments in addition to those already confirmed will be available. If you want to anticipate your appointment, you are invited to check the availability on the Prenota online system. Any appointment change should be duly communicated to Citizenship office by email: