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Citizenship through Descent “iure sanguinis”


Citizenship through Descent “iure sanguinis”

Italian Citizenship is passed on at birth from an Italian-citizen parent to child. Italian citizenship is passed on from Father to child, without generation restrictions, provided that neither the applicant nor their ascendants renounced their Italian citizenship, such as through a naturalization prior to August 15th, 1992. Transmission of Italian citizenship through the maternal line is only possible for a child born after January 1st, 1948, before that date women did not pass Italian citizenship to children at birth. Eligibility for Italian citizenship recognition is determined by the law in force at the time of birth of the applicant and their ascendants.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit the required documentation as mandated by law to prove the uninterrupted transmission of Italian citizenship from the last relative born in Italy to the Applicant.

Please see the Check List (under Citizenship) for information regarding eligibility and instructions for your application.

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The following list refers to examples of some categories of eligible persons:

  1. Direct Descent: from an Italian-citizen parent (if maternal side, after January 1st, 1948) born in Italy and they were still Italian citizens at the time of the Applicant’s birth. The Applicant and their parents must have never renounced their Italian citizenship. Naturalizations occurred prior to August 15th, 1992 constituted renouncing ones’ Italian citizenship.
  2. Through Descent: from an ancestor born in Italy who was an Italian citizen at the time of the birth of their child. The Italian citizenship would pass through the generations up until the Applicant (the maternal branch could pass on Italian citizenship to children born after January 1, 1948), provided that none of the descendants in the straight line lost/renounced their Italian citizenship, such as through naturalization prior to August 15th, 1992.
  3. From an Italian-citizen mother to a child born before January 1st, 1948: applicants who fall into this category will have to appeal to an Italian civil court to obtain the recognition of citizenship.

Please see our Check List for required documentation