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Citizenship through Italian parents/ancestors (“iure sanguinis”)


Citizenship through Italian parents/ancestors (“iure sanguinis”)

Italian citizenship can be passed on from one generation to the next with no limitations, provided that:

  • the ancestor born in Italy was an Italian citizen at the time of his descendants’ birth
  • neither the applicant nor any of the family members in direct line of descent have ever renounced their Italian citizenship

The route to Italian citizenship through direct maternal lineage is possible only for descendants born on or after January 1st 1948.

The law in effect at the time of the descendant's birth governs the individual cases and determines their requirements.
The applicant must submit the required documentation. Nevertheless, should the need for further clarification arise, the Consular Office will request additional documents.

Here is a list of illustrative categories:

  1. Direct descent from father or mother born in Italy and Italian citizens at the moment of the applicant's birth (if the applicant was born after January 1st 1948).
  2. Paternal or maternal ancestors were born in Italy and were Italian citizens at the time of their child's birth and none of their descendants renounced to the Italian citizenship (on your mother’s side, only for those who were born after January 1st 1948).
  3. Applicants born before Januray 1, 1948, who wish to claim the Italian citizenship through descent from the mother, can only present their application through the Italian Courts, which requires the services of an Italian lawyer at the applicant's expense.


DOCUMENTATION to be presented the day of the appointment

  1. Italian citizenship from parent born in Italy – direct descent
  2. Italian citizenship from grandparent born in Italy
  3. Italian citizenship from great-grandparent born in Italy
  4. Italian citizenship from great-great grandparents born in Italy

All vital records certificates MUST be long form (extended form), legalized with Apostille and translated in Italian.

Please note that forms 1,2 and 4 must be filled and signed. If applicable, form 3 must be signed by the living Italian ascendant and the signature notarized). Also, please remember to bring with you copies of your passport and driver's license.


Dowload the forms:

Additional information:

  • Should the applicant's family members residing in this Consular jurisdiction be interested in submitting the application for Italian citizenship, the documentation provided by the first applicant is still valid and accepted. However, new applicants will still need to present their own personal certificates in addition to the previous documentation.
  • If an applicant's family member has previously applied to a different Consulate or Embassy outside of this Consular jurisdiction, he or she will be asked to resubmit the entire documentation relating to the ancestors in original copy. Each Consulate must verify the application independently.
  • Documents and/or translations issued in countries other than the U.S.A. cannot be accepted without previous verification and legalization from the Italian Consulate in the country where the documents were issued. Please ensure the all documents are properly legalized before the appointment.
  • Whether there are discrepancies in the names, the applicant will be asked by the office to amend relevant documents.