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Citizenship Through parents for minors


Citizenship Through parents for minors

a. Citizenship through judiciary ruling on natural paternity / maternity.

Obtain the citizenship a child recognized or declared to be of Italian parentage while a minor. A person of legal age recognized or declared by Italian parents can opt to become citizen within one year from the recognition.

b. Citizenship by adoption

A foreign minor adopted by an Italian citizen will obtain Italian citizenship once the Italian Legal Authority has issued a formal provision of adoption. In case of adoption abroad, the child obtains Italian citizenship once the provision issued by the Foreign Authority is registered in Italy.

Adoptees of legal age can acquire Italian citizenship after 5 years of legal residence in Italy following the adoption (Please for more details see also Citizenship by residence).

c. “Naturalization” of one’s parents

A child under 18 living with his parents becomes Italian citizen once one or both parents become Italian citizens when the child is a minor.