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Driving licenses and Codici Fiscali


Driving licenses and Codici Fiscali

As far as the issuing of driving licenses is concerned, the Circular n. 107, 14 October 1997, of the Ministry of Transportation provides that, for citizens residing abroad, regularly registered in the AIRE (Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all’Estero), the procedure for the validity confirmation of the driving license takes place abroad by the diplomatic and consular authorities.

In this regard, Italian citizens residing in this consular jurisdiction will have to undergo a medical examination with one of the doctors of this list (click here). The person concerned is in charge of the cost of the examination. The doctor will verify the psycho-physical requirements on the basis of the Italian law and will issue a certificate. The Italian citizen will then be able to present himself at the Consulate with the above mentioned certificate and the expired driver license (not over three years) for the confirmation of the document upon payment of consular rights.

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