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1. How do I register with AIRE (Civil Registry of Italian citizens Residing Abroad)?

Once you have signed up with the Fast-It portal you can register from there by selecting “Apply to register with AIRE - Civil Registry of Italian citizens Residing Abroad”.Alternatively, you can apply sending the relevant paperwork via mail or email, or by handing it in person. See this page for more details.

2. How long does registering with AIRE take?

Filing all the required paperwork with the consular registry may require up to three months, however the whole process can take less.
If you need that your application be processed as a matter of urgency, send an email to the Civil Registry office’s address

3. Will I receive a confirmation that the Consulate General accepted my application?

When you use the Fast-It portal to apply for registration, the system confirms in real time that your application was accepted. The Italian administrative office that processed the paperwork will inform you that the registration with AIRE was successful.

4. I live in the NY consular jurisdiction with my children, who are under 18. However, their other parent does not live with us. How can I register them with the Vital Registry in order for them to be included in my household?

When you file your application to register yourself and your children with AIRE, enclose a statement signed by the other parent whereby he/she gives her consent to have the children registered with AIRE. A valid ID for the other parent is also required.

5. Which documents shall I provide when I notify a change of address?

When you submit the form to notify the AIRE office that you changed address, you need to enclose either a utility bill, bank statement or a recent copy of your rent lease as evidence of your current address. A copy of the applicant’s ID is also required.

6. If I move to a different consular jurisdiction, should I use the change-of-address form or do I have to make a new registration?

When your new residence is located in a different consular jurisdiction, a new registration is required. If you move to a different address within the same consular jurisdiction, you can simply notify a change of address.

7. How can I obtain an AIRE registration certificate?

An AIRE registration certificate can be issued only by the administrative offices located in the Italian town where you are originally from. The consular offices can keep and are responsible for the consular records where all the personal data of the Italian citizens residing abroad are entered.

8. I had a baby here in the United States. How do I register him or her with AIRE?

Minors are registered with AIRE automatically by filing their birth certificate with the Civil Registry of the Italian town where the Italian parent is from. Follow the steps outlined at the page Vital Records – Filing of Birth Certificates

9. I did not received the voting card and related papers, what shall I do?
Italian citizens registered with AIRE can vote from abroad only for general elections, referendums and for the appointment of Comites. Comites are representative committees directly elected by Italians residing abroad within the same consular jurisdiction. Municipal or EU elections require that Italian citizens residing abroad vote from Italy.
Keep your address up to date with the consular Civil Registry to avoid glitches with the delivery of the voting papers.

10. How can I request a birth/marriage certificate?

Birth and marriage certificates can be issued only by the Vital Record offices located in the Italian town where the applicant is originally from.
Please note that documents released by foreign agencies have to be certified and legalized before they can be filed with the Italian administrative bodies. The instructions are outlined here.