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FAQ Registry


FAQ Registry


What is the AIRE?
The AIRE, established in 1988, is the register of the Italian population residing abroad. It is an integral part of the Italian Registry and contains the data of all citizens residing abroad for more than twelve months.

Is it important to register to the AIRE?
Yes, it is very important. The AIRE registration allows you to:
- Ensure and facilitate the exercise of political rights (especially the right to vote at elections and referendums);
- Plan more rational interventions of the Public Administration for communities of Italians living abroad;
- Provide administrative services and assistance to Italian citizens living abroad.

Who should register to the AIRE?
- Italian citizens who have transferred their residence abroad;
- People born abroad who have acquired Italian citizenship by birth;
- People who have acquired Italian citizenship abroad.

Who should NOT to the AIRE?
- Those citizens who go abroad temporarily or seasonally for a period not exceeding twelve months.

How to register in AIRE?
AIRE register is very simple. You must submit the necessary documents (see instructions above, section 'Registration AIRE ") to the Consulate General of Italy in New York by email (, fax (212 439 8674), mail (690 Park Avenue - NEW YORK NY 10065) or in person.
The Consulate will send the form to the Italian municipality where registration will take place. To send documents via email please refer to the guidelines on this site.

How do you update the AIRE?
Every Italian citizen residing abroad should inform without delay the competent consular office of:
- The transfer of the residence;
- Changes in marital status (marriages, divorces, births, etc.);
- Changes of profession;
- Any other alteration of the registry.
In addition, Italian citizens are required to report to the Consulate General the permanent return to Italy, deaths in the family, cases of loss of the Italian citizenship.

What if I move in the jurisdiction of another consulate?
Italian citizens residing abroad who change residence must declare within 90 (ninety) days the new address to the consular office. The consular office will inform the Municipality of reference in Italy and the Consulate in which the citizen was registered previously.

If I change my address within the consular district, what should I do?
To update your address, you should send this form, by email (, fax (212 439 8674), mail (690 Park Avenue - NEW YORK, NY 10065) or present yourself personally at the Consulate General of Italy in New York.

If you have other questions, please send an email to: